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Thread: What they all have in common

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    What they all have in common

    4/20/99 Columbine High School 13 killed and 21 wounded.

    4/6/07 Virginia Tech 32 killed and 17 wounded

    11/5/09 Fort Hood Texas 13 killed and 29 wounded

    1/8/11 Tuscon Arizona political event 6 dead and 8 wounded

    7/20/12 Aurora Colo 12 killed and 58 wounded

    Everyone of these were committed in a " GUN FREE ZONE " Guns were not allowed by law abiding citizen with concealed weapons permits in all of these cases including military personnel at Fort Hood. How could anyone lobby that banning guns will stop these tragedies. Does anyone really think that making a law banning firearms is really going to kept these nut cases from killing people when the threat of the death penalty does not stop them?

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    Here's some food for thought:

    6/23/85-Air India Flight 182, 329 killed-0 survivors (bomb)

    4/19/95 Oklahoma City Bombing, 168 killed, 680 injured (bomb)

    6/23/00 Childers Palace Backpackers Hostel fire, 15 killed (fire by arson)

    12/20/00 Mirusuvil massacre, 8 killed, (knife)

    6/8/01 Osaka School Massacre- 8 Killed, 15 injured (knife)

    9/11/01-The day the world stood still- 2,996 killed, more than 6,000 injured (hijacking with blades)

    6/8/08-Akihabara massacre, 7 killed, 10 injured (truck and dagger)

    10/20/08 Nonhyeon-dong massacre, 6 killed, 7 injured (sashimi knife)

    3/23/10 Nanping school massacre, 8 killed, 5 injured (knife)

    Not a single one of these tragic events involved the use of an "assault rifle" or any gun for that matter, and not a single one of these incidents would have been remotely effected by stronger gun laws. Some of these incidents occurred in countries where guns are outright banned. My point is that when an individual has mass murder on the mind, more gun laws/bans will not prevent these tragedies from happening.
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