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Thread: new member need info

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    new member need info

    I am new to oc and its law for ohio. I have a question. I am needing to know if I can transport or carry a firearm with a loaded clip under the front seat an the gun locked up in the trunk. If not what are the ways that I can transport or carry in the vehicle and what permits do I need if any?

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    Welcome to OCDO!! Stick around and you will learn a lot. Since this is a state-specific question it is best dircted to the Ohio sub-forum found here:

    In addition, the following webpages may be helpful:

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    Welcome aboard, feel free to stick around a while and read study. I have compiled a bunch of info Here and also linked below in my Signature. Some is state specific but much of it is general knowledge.
    Click Here for New to WI Open Carry Legal References and Informational Videos--- FAQ's

    The Armed Badger A WI site dedicated to Concealed Carry in WI

    "To disarm the people... was the best and most effectual way to enslave them." -- George Mason, Speech of June 14, 1788 to DL useful Info

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