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Thread: New Jersey's finest.

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    New Jersey's finest.

    Way to go boys.

    Amazing that, out of all of them, nobody thought this was a bad idea?

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    I think they should raise the speed limits in NJ to 120 MPH just so that people can get out of the crap-hole state as fast as possible.

    More info:

    Nassry allegedly led the group of about 30 cars on March 30, flashing emergency lights to part the southbound lanes of the Garden State Parkway. Another patrol car followed in the rear of the caravan, which witnesses reported was weaving in and out of the three-lane highway at speeds faster than 100 miles per hour. (

    Only going 100 MPH .... I wonder if they were driving or traveling ....

    The cops? They'll get a stern talking to! Unions , blah! They were not made to protect people's jobs who do this.

    The car drivers should have to take the same risks as I do when I drive 100 MPH on an interstate ... I do sometimes have a policeman behind me and they do provide an escort on occasion, which is nice, but never to my intended destination.
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