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Thread: Ionia commission to change park rule on firearms

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    Ionia commission to change park rule on firearms

    IONIA COUNTY, MI – A sign at Bertha Brock Park along M-21 lists a host of rules many may expect in a public area where children gather—speed guidelines, warnings not to litter.
    Many see those and move on without reading the rest.
    It’s for that reason park leaders think one rule—one they say is unlawful according to state guidelines—went unnoticed for years.
    Rule No. 4: “No firearms allowed except in designated area.”

    To read the rest
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    Woo Hooo! I'm an Activist Group!

    Thanks for posting this autosurgeon, I had not heard anything more since my last message from Loren Gage.

    (We have a thread here about the ongoing emails and responses)

    I see Loren or someone contacted Phil H. for comments too. Good! Got more positive Press!

    Bob aka MI_XD

    (South Haven)
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    I wonder if children play at that park. The article never mentioned it. Not once....or three times.

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