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Thread: Final version of Open Carry law in print?

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    Final version of Open Carry law in print?

    Is the final version of the new law in print? If so where do I download it from? Also are there any other laws or regs that were affected and changed by this law? I am looking to have on record everything I might need to answer questions regarding carrying firearms in Oklahoma.


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    Here you go... a PDF of SB1733 as signed by the Governor from the Oklahoma Legislature's website.

    SB1733 Enrolled Version

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    I guess OK will still never have a home grown junior pistol champ eh?

    What kind of mind is it that will not allow someone under 18 to even handle a pistol, let alone learn, and practice with one.?

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    "except this section shall not prohibit:

    1. The proper use of guns and knives for hunting, fishing, educational or recreational purposes;"

    a direct quote from the enrolled version of the law

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    Here is a brochure you can print off and carry with you so that you have some information handy to provide for people who have questions.
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