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Thread: What was the legislatures intent on OC?

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    What was the legislatures intent on OC?

    Does anyone know the history of the statute regarding the permit? Mainly my question you believe that it was the intent of the legislators to specifically allow OC, or was it an oversight on their part and they inadvertantly allowed OC without necessarily meaning too?

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    Our constitution guarantees our right to 'bear arms'. It makes no difference what anyone's intent was. If they had banned one form or another, it would be ripe ground for litigation.

    As it stands, with all the restrictions around the practice, it is still ripe ground.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich B View Post
    Our constitution guarantees our right to 'bear arms'. It makes no difference what anyone's intent was..
    ie TOO BAD ! ?

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    All I can tell you is that prior to 1994 you only needed a permit to carry a loaded handgun, it was perfectly OK back then to transport a handgun, pretty much anywhere at anytime, you did not need to be going to the range or any specific place. At that time you received a local permit first, then you could go for your CT permit which was pretty much just given to you if you had a town permit, just as it is now with the"temp permit" system.

    I knew people back in 95-96 who knew that OC was not illegal by statute but all the "official sites" said it was (BoFPE, DPS, etc..) and all the instructors were telling their students CT was CC too, this kept pretty much everyone from even attempting such a thing as OC. I am sure the legislature was fully aware they were allowing OC by not giving us a CCW as other states have done. Plus they have had numerous opportunities to vote to make us a CC state but they have not acted on any of the proposals put forth over the last 10 years...
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