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Thread: NH Occupy Incorporates to Keep Out Open Carriers & Libertarians

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    NH Occupy Incorporates to Keep Out Open Carriers & Libertarians

    How ironic, indeed...

    a small number of Occupy New Hampshire members incorporated the movement as a nonprofit in order to boot their former
    bedfellows: the Free Staters. Also prohibited from future Occupy events are gun owners who openly carry….

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    Reason’s Jesse Walker’s notes that to join this newly incorporated Occupy New Hampshire, “you must sign a ‘solidarity statement‘ that requires, among other things, that you support a tax hike and oppose Citizens United.”

    Because what could be more progressive and grassroots than a corporation that requires its members to sign a loyalty oath?

    what idiots who does this? This will not help the occupy movement at all because it shows the true nature of these communists.

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    Aren't their events in a public space? If so I'm not sure how they can keep anyone out...

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