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Thread: Shooting in Norfolk

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    Shooting in Norfolk

    Have any of y'all in the Norfolk area heard any more details about this shooting? A female resident is claiming to have shot and killed a male "intruder," but she has now, already been charge with murder.

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    Tuesday's Daily Press said she called 911 to say she had shot an intruder. At press time the person she had shot had not been identified. Who knows what's on the minds of the Norfolk Police They seem to do what they want reguardless if it is wrong.


    Police say she knew the "victim". She has a black eye in her mug shot. Maybe she's an abuse victim that wouldn't take it any more.
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    I am going to play devils advocate here. What if she was having an affair with this man, and (i don't know he hit her maybe) she got mad and pulled out a gun and shot him? then made up this story of a break in. it would explain her throwing away the gun.

    i have had my house broken into during the day. if i had caught them, i probably would have shot them. but i don't think i would have ran across the street to call 911. unless i didn't have a phone of course. She did know him, but that is also the case in many break ins. hopefully there will be careful examination of the evidence and no rush to judgment
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