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    New recording App
    “ACLU-NJ Launches Smartphone App That Lets Users Secretly Record Police Stops” (, July 3). Why record in secret? Because if a citizen openly records a cop’s particularly brutish stop-and-frisk or other unvarnished invasion of the Fourth Amendment, that person is very likely to be arrested in some states.
    “There’s really only three buttons (on the Police Tape app) that the user needs to deal with,” says Alexander Shalom of the American Civil Liberties Union’s New Jersey office. “There’s a know your rights button that educates the citizen about their rights when encountering police on the street, in a car, in their home or when they’re going to be placed under arrest, and there’s a button to record audio and a button to record video.”
    Adds CBS New York: “The app lets users record audio and video discreetly with a stealth mode that hides the fact that the recording is happening.”
    The ACLU-NJ’s Shalom challenges us: “You can think back to when Rodney King was beaten at the hands of the LAPD. For years, we’ve watched the police on video and that’s led to reforms and police accountability, but now that cellphones and smartphones are becoming more ubiquitous, people have this ability to videotape.
    “It really is a cutting-edge tool to ensure accountability in the 21st century.”
    Imagine that! Citizens are using furtive methods to maintain their constitutional rights by proving that police are dismembering these freedoms!
    Do you believe that Thomas Jefferson would hesitate for a minute to use this technology?
    According to the ACLU-NJ’s website, Android users can now download the Police Tape app, which will be available to iPhone users sometime this summer.
    It’s time for the national ACLU to get the word out to all its affiliates and make sure smartphone users can get this app!
    In June, the ACLU’s New York affiliate released a somewhat different app called Stop-and-Frisk Watch. I’ll continue to inform you about the future of the ACLU-NJ Police Tape app and other such developments around the country.
    And we should all bear in mind, Alexander Shalom tells The (N.J.) Star-Ledger, that “police often videotape civilians and civilians have a constitutionally protected right to videotape police.
    “When people know they’re being watched, they tend to behave well” (“N.J. ACLU unveils ‘stealth’ app allowing citizens to secretly record police,” Eunice Lee,, July 3).
    So do cops. So do presidents. This landmark return of our president, Congress, state and local police to our rule of law will continue here next week.
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    not available for iphone yet

    did find one called Cop Recorder!, might check it out.
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    aclu app installed on your phone? im sure its innocuous. /so

    use qik instead.

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    The problem I have with this app is that it does not upload while you are recording. You have to manually upload the video file afterward. Which seems to me to defeat the purpose if the cops have your phone because they arrested you. I may have read that wrong but I think that's correct.

    It would seem to me the best system would be one that automatically streams the video to a remote server as you record the video on your phone. This account would have a different passwords for uploading and viewing and this access password would NOT on your phone. That way the police cannot use passwords on the phone to access control of the video on the server even if they delete the video from the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by peter nap View Post
    ACLU-NJ Launches Smartphone App
    Installed, tested and deleted. It did not work well enough for me.
    Carry On.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ed View Post
    Installed, tested and deleted. It did not work well enough for me.
    Ed, just out of curiosity, what did you like/dislike about the app?

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