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Synopsis - Bond of Unseen Blood: By Skip Coryell

Evan Novack, nicknamed Bear by his friends, can pull back a 90-pound longbow and shoot the face off a silver dollar at 100 yards. At the tender age of 14 he had already wrestled a black bear and won! Now at age 34 Bear towers over most men, and weighs in at 250 pounds of powerful, back-strapping sinew and bone-breaking muscle. In short, Bear is the envy of every man, woman and child in North Fork. Every mother's son wishes he were Bear, except for Bear himself.

Though Bear's skills and accomplishments are the stuff of local legend, Bear is daily tortured by his own private pain and sense of overwhelming loss. Six years earlier, Bear had been separated from his five-year-old son during a bitter divorce, but try as he may, Bear has failed to relocate the son he loves more than life itself.

However, unbeknownst to Bear, his son is now orphaned and living in a foster home a thousand miles away. As Bear continues his unrelenting search for his son, little does he realize that his son has already located him and is on his way to North Fork.

But tragedy steps in at the brink of reunion, and his son is kidnapped by a sociopathic killer who has vowed to destroy Bear and all he holds dear. It will take all Bear's skill and prowess as a woodsman to track down and save his son from the deranged killer.

In "Bond of Unseen Blood", Bear must prove his legendary status or die trying! Read this exciting, action-packed thriller to see if Bear has what it takes to save himself and his son, while simultaneously winning over the woman of his dreams!

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