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Thread: Anyone see a desire to have a "LAWSUIT" or similar section of the forum?

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    Anyone see a desire to have a "LAWSUIT" or similar section of the forum?

    To keep folks apprised of lawsuits and updates ... after Heller, we knew that many suits would be churning .. and we are seeing this occurring.

    A separate forum section may be useful to try to keep the federal ones easily maintained & reviewable.

    Shoot a vote if you choose.

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    I can certainly see where a central repository may come in handy, that much is certain.
    Not only would more members be aware of the various happenings around the country, but it's more than a little possible that with more exposure more people would be able to point out strategies and court decisions that would be helpful.

    Of course I can see the bad point as well.... most of those lawsuits would be aimed against a certain segment of the general population.

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    The problem I see is that until the lawsuit gets to at least the Federal District Court level it is pretty much a very local matter with no indication of becoming anything bigger. A section devoted to (almost) all lawsuits filed could get clogged up pretty quickly.

    The other problem I forsee is the updating of any lawsuit posted. Some folks know how to do legal research and have the resources to do it, while others may be limited to Google and pure luck. Unless someone was "in charge" and kept the updates in order with each case as a separate stickey I am very worried that mass confusion would reign. But then I am a copybook order-and-control freak when it comes to case review.

    Tracking down, let alone tracking, promising cases in any one state would seem to be a near-monumental task. Doing so on a nation-wide basis makes my teeth ache just thinkking about the amount of work it would need.

    Anybody with ideas of how to manage the task, as opposed to merely saying "It's a neat idea" is encouraged to chime up.

    stay safe.
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    No, may perpetuate the impression "we" are looking for trouble or a law suit.
    What part of "shall not be infringed" don't you understand?

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    Dunno, but I'll tell ya what may be a better forum addition idea... personals section!~ Because sometimes trying to find a date that likes guns is too hard. That, or date -only- Marines <3
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