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Thread: Pepper spray law in Mass, out of state resident...urgent reply needed

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    Pepper spray law in Mass, out of state resident...urgent reply needed

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    Quote Originally Posted by RR917 View Post
    Hello there... going to be attending the westover air show this weekend. Im a CT resident, wondering if its legal for me to carry pepper spray (keychain size) in Mass as i know there are laws regarding purchasing and carrying.

    Will be leaving shortly and would greatly appreciate information...
    Not legal.

    You can apply for a temporary license to carry firearms.

    If you only want to carry spray, they will issue a Class B LTC which they will restrict to mace and spray in general.

    $100 a year, and a trip to Chelsea.... Each renewal as well.

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    Wasp Spray

    Wasp spray is very effecive up to 20 feet. Aim for the head. It will blind all preditors 4 legged or 2. It is not against the law to carry wasp spray. It can be carried openly or concealed. Good luck

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    Wow. I wonder what the men that founded Massachusetts would think of the current law regarding the right to bear arms? Mace is not a weapon, it is a spray that causes irritation and nothing more! What a joke; and the republican party backs a Mass. Governor!
    "I never in my life seen a Kentuckian without a gun..."-Andrew Jackson

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