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Thread: Anybody use Ballistol?

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    Anybody use Ballistol?

    I bought a can a few months ago. Great stuff! That is all I will be using. I use it on all of my guns.
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    Terrific stuff. Smells better than WD-40 (whose secret ingredient is fish oil I've been told). I use it always when shooting black powder. Although I can't recommend the practice in coastal Virginia's humid climate, you really can get away with letting the sun set on a dirty gun. The fouling remains soft and can be easily rinsed off the next day using a 50/50 mix of water and Ballistol, followed by some dry patches and a last patch with pure Ballistol. By the way, Ballistol also makes wood stocks and leather slings look cleaner and glossier.

    In Germany, it is touted for its antibacterial effects as well, and troops had evidently used it on small cuts and abrasions. The Ballistol people can't say that here, because they don't want to be fined heavily or to spend about $500 million to get the FDA's imprimatur for such a minor selling point. Also, I never suggested any medical use either........ wait... ooops..
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