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Thread: Walmart TR - Fountain

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    Walmart TR - Fountain

    Just went to Wally World and of course had my XD sub on my side holstered up in my BlackHawk Serpa. Had a few things I needed to buy because I have been out for a while. Man things... you know, razors - smelly stuff - and junk.

    Went to the razor section and sure nuff there was a guy with his family (had mine with me) and at his side was his trusty piece. I noticed him first and when I did I smiled inside. I have never (in the very short time I have OC'd) seen anyone else OC. Can't say I have really looked for it though. He then noticed mine and it kind of felt like he had the same thought as me going on inside which was.... "Yaaaaa Buddy!" For 2 minutes the safest aisle in Walmart was the shave aisle. Pretty sure no bad guys wanted to come in the razor section at that time. We gave each other a quick eye glance, but no words were spoken. We didn't need to though. Everything was all good and the pieces spoke for themselves.

    Not sure if he posts here... But I noticed you bruh.
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    There's a number of us around but we are a rare breed.

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    Great story! I rarely see a fellow OCer but I sure would feel the same way you did wen you saw that guy. I will walk up next time I see one to say thank you and offer a handshake. I believe we will start seeing them more often as the movement continues to grow!

    Thanka for posting that story, I always like to hear things like that!



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