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Thread: Looking for a one-day CCL class in New Mexico

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    Looking for a one-day CCL class in New Mexico

    Would like to have my CCL before winter and am looking for a one day CC class. Calibers in ABQ does 2 day classes. Problem is I work a lot on Saturdays so it's tough to get off. Any classes or private lessons would be helpful. Thank you.

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    You won't find a one-day class for a NM license.

    The requirement is a minimum of 15 hours; that is why they are offered over two days' time. Any private instructor who offers anything less is in violation of the statute and risks losing his or her instructors' license.

    Plan ahead and take the time off to get it done.

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    Just to be clear. AH means any instructor that offers a class and certification of less than 15 hours is in violation of the statute.

    He does not mean that an instructor can't teach a class that's at least 15 hours in length in one day.

    However, I don't know any instructor that would do so for safety reasons.

    Steve Aikens

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