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Thread: "patriot potluck"

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    "patriot potluck"

    There will be a get together in albany at montieth park on the 20th from 11am-7pm some food will be provided but they are asking yo to bring something if possible. Several speakers will be there throughout the day. I will be speakin at 6pm. I'm sure you guys already heard, but i thought i'd spread the news just in case.
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    Hello Hoss

    I am allll the way in Ohio. Just wanted you to know I loved your youtube video on Open carry in Eugene Oregon! Everyone in every open carry state should see that! Actually, everyone should see it, period.
    Of every video I have seen on dealing with cops, yours was the best handled!
    Shows me even an experience and knowledgeable person of the laws can still be "a little nervous" yet still be in total control of the situation.

    Stay safe!

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