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Thread: Cops harrass man at home over youtube videos

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    Cops harrass man at home over youtube videos

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    One good reason for everyone to issue a notice of trespass to your local & state governments to stay off your land. They want to come and talk then? Then they'll have to commit a crime to do so.

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    "Well gee, Officer Friendly, you saw the videos so you have all the evidence... You gonna make an arrest or just whistle Dixie?"
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    I'm going to guess that this isn't the whackadoo in Michigan who was making death threats against LACs & inciting to riot, trying to get people to run over LACs with their cars?

    He got a few visits from local LEO, as well as the FBI.
    Then he made another video ranting about those warnings.
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    I suspect that he does NOT have a recording of the interaction between himself and the seemingly OPINION ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. 'Tis a shame, as it would have gone a very long way in supporting his complaint!
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    two cameras dedicated to the front porch with very sensitive audio....recording 24/7 with 3 months worth of HDD storage....... just sayin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ca Patriot View Post
    he makes a 9 minute video and presents no proof whatsoever.

    welcome to the internet .... 800 tera-giga-bytes of data ... 1 kb actually worth anything..awww

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    "Come back with a warrant." Simple and to the point.
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