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Thread: Confirmed: Paul Ryan is Romney's VP

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    Confirmed: Paul Ryan is Romney's VP

    Title says it all.

    From USA Today

    Honestly I don't know much about Ryan...who here can fill me in on where he stands on gun rights?
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    I don't have the info to answer your specific query. I want to know where he is on the ENTIRE CONSTITUTION and LIMITED GOVERNMENT standard, and Specifically where he is on PRESERVING AND PROTECTING THE CONSTITUTION as contrasted with the current administration and it's effort to GUT THE CONSTITUTION and rule by executive and dictatorial fiat!
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    RIGHTS don't exist without RESPONSIBILITY!
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    As said by SVG--- "I am not anti-COP, I am PRO-Citizen" and I'll add, PRO-Constitution.
    If the above makes me a RADICAL or EXTREME--- So be it!

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    He's been portrayed in the media and by the Democrats (same thing, I know) as some radical budget slasher who would throw old people out of nursing homes and onto the street for his buget "cuts" in the "Ryan Plan".

    Guess when his plan would theoretically result in a balanced budget? 2045. That's not a typo: 33 years from now, after increasing the debt by four trillion dollars.

    Some radical fiscal conservative, eh?

    Edit to add: he voted for TARP, the bailouts, NDAA, and making the Patriot Act permanent. That should tell you where he stands on the Constitution -- literally on it, like a doormat.
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