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Thread: Big problem!!

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    Big problem!!


    I just filled out and signed the open carry petition for South Carolina.

    When I reviewed my signature, my answers had been changed! I am a resident of SC, I am a registered voter, and I do own handguns, but my petition #4430 states the opposite!

    I can not imagine how many other hundreds or even thousands of replies have been altered.

    Additionally, the current Governor of SC is Nikki Haley.

    Kent Williams

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    Yeah I noticed the governor was wrong too. You can't expect a petition to be taken seriously when it doesn't list the right governor.

    I would think Nikki Haley would be on board with it anyway since she has voiced support for greater gun freedom. This should also be addressed to the SC state congress, state supreme court, sheriffs and the attorney general.

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    Please. Stop. Bitching.

    The petition is over 4 years old. At the time it was written/posted Mark Sanford was Governor, George Bush was President and I thought that the time, effort and money that I was investing in the quest to move South Carolina toward open carry was worthwhile.

    Clearly I was wrong.

    Based on my direct experience, there is very little interest or enthusiasm among South Carolina gun owners to reclaim their Constitutionally guaranteed right. The Concealed Carry Club of South Carolina (GrassRoots GunRights) was exactly zero help because OC wasn't on their agenda. Neither was actual gun rights activism for that matter. Forget about the statist hacks at the NRA. You know, the folks that are endorsing Jakie Knotts in next week's election. GOA didn't have time for us and Dudley at NAGR is buddies with one of GRGR's officer's so they stayed away as well.

    Originally the petition had all the correct info as input by folks when they signed it and I was able to edit the petition if needed. But then they changed their software to where I can't do anything with it, not even delete it. So, if anyone wants to create a new petiton, have at it. I'll be happy to add my signature even though I've found this exercise to be completely pointless.

    Finally, beginning over 4 years ago, I put forth the effort to get the ball rolling toward OC in SC and failed. Let's see if anyone is willing to pick up where I left off and continue to move the ball forward, or if it's easier to just complain. My money is on the latter.
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