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Pinehurst Bans Guns in Greenways
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In Violation of State Law…

The Village of Pinehurst is the latest municipality to violate your right to effective self-defense within NC parks. State law HB 650 that was enacted last December guarantees this right.
Apparently without citizen input, the Village Council has unilaterally approved a measure (Ordinance #12-24) that immediately bans lawfully concealed handguns within virtually all outdoor recreational facilities. The Council failed to specify in their ordinance which areas are subject to bans, and took the additional over-step of including the Village's greenway trails in clear violation of HB 650. There is evidence that Village staff may have misinformed the Council about state law requirements.
As you may know, HB 650 clearly states that “recreational facilities” in which municipalities may ban guns include only athletic fields, swimming pools, playgrounds and athletic facilities. This does not include areas of passive recreation such as greenways, and HB 650 compliance is as easy as rescinding all park bans. Despite this, the Village Council appears to believe that law-abiding citizens should be unarmed on community hiking trails, in clear violation of state law and good common sense.
Efforts by community members to have the greenway ban rescinded have been unsuccessful, in spite of repeated communications with the Village Mayor, Manager and Council. Village leaders are only saying that the matter will be “discussed” at their Work Session Meeting at 9:00 am on Tuesday, August 21st, and then perhaps again at the regular Council meeting at 1:00 pm the same day.
It is vitally important that you contact the Pinehurst Mayor Nancy Fiorillo and members of the Village Council. Let them know that disarming law-abiding citizens is unacceptable and illegal. Please be polite but firm.
It is equally important to attend the Council's August 21st meetings at 9am & 1pm in the Village's Assembly Hall, 395 Magnolia Road, Pinehurst, NC to voice your opinion. Local GRNC coordinators need to have a good turnout of supporters at both times.
Please note that public comment is generally not allowed at a work session, but our strong physical presence is still important. Public comment is allowed and encouraged at the 1:00 pm regular meeting. Using the contact information provided below, make sure that the Village of Pinehurst corrects this wrong!

You need you to do two things:

Email and call Pinehurst Mayor and Village Council Members: Nancy Fiorillo, Doug Lapins, John Strickland, John Cashion, Mark Parson.
Attend the Council Meetings Tuesday August 21st at 9 am and 1 pm: Assembly Hall, 395 Magnolia Road, Pinehurst, NC

Pinehurst Mayor and Village Council Members:,,,,
Nancy Fiorillo - 910-295-0534
Doug Lapins - 910-295-1790
John Strickland - 910-295-6808
John Cashion - 910-295-0305
Mark Parson - 910-295-0074
As you are aware state law (SL 2011-268) now prohibits municipalities from park-wide bans of lawfully concealed handguns within North Carolina.
By banning lawful concealed carry on greenway trails, and failing to specifically list banned facilities, your recently passed ordinance #12-24 is in clear violation of state law and therefore must be rescinded immediately.
The NC General Assembly has forbidden municipal park bans in part to provide state-wide uniformity. Concealed handgun permittees are among the most responsible citizens in North Carolina and deserve your respect and support.
I urge you to rescind all restrictions to where law-abiding citizens are able to effectively defend themselves and their families.

Click on the link below to Tweet your opposition to illegal gun bans in Pinehurst parks:
Toilets & Greenways @VOPNC? Follow State law, Pinehurst. We follow it & we expect you to follow it too. #GRNC

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