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Thread: Shooting the victims?: Sheriff threatens to jail over 600 scammed CCW holders.

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    Shooting the victims?: Sheriff threatens to jail over 600 scammed CCW holders.

    If you have an Ohio CCW licence, you better check to see if you were given a fraudulent training certificate. If you were scammed, YOU could be the one going to jail.

    Fake trainers give out fake training certificates. Sheriff discovers it and threatens to arrest the people who were scammed if they fail to obtain valid certificates within TWO WEEKS!

    Over 600 fraudulent certificates were given out! How the hell are over 600 people going to receive new ones in less than two weeks?

    While I admit that some "victims" probably were in on it and payed for their fake certificates without training, therefore, knew damned well they were fake, the Sheriff ADMITS that some were probably duped.....

    ...yet he threatens arrest anyway.

    Ergo: Get scammed = go to jail unless you meet an arbitrary deadline.

    Better check your permit before that knock on the door. You've got two weeks. Clock is ticking.

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    I'm skeptical that all 600+ were unaware that they needed 12 hours of training.

    On the application they had to attest that they read the Ohio Attorney General's CCW manual. On page four of that manual it says:

    The law sets out minimum educational requirements that are a component of the various forms of competency certification as set forth on page 2. The total time required for training is 12 hours: 10 hours of instruction and another two hours of experience shooting a handgun.
    The law requires at least 10 hours of certified training in the following matters:
    • The ability to name, explain, and demonstrate the rules for safe
    handling of a handgun and proper storage practices for handguns
    and ammunition;
    • The ability to demonstrate and explain how to handle ammunition
    in a safe manner;
    • The ability to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitude
    necessary to shoot a handgun in a safe manner;
    • Gun-handling training.
    Additionally, you must have two hours of practical training, including range time and live-fire experience. The applicant also must complete an examination that tests his competency. The test must include a written section on the ability to name and explain the rules for the safe handling of a handgun and proper storage practices for handguns and ammunition. Additionally, the exam must include a physical demonstration of competency on handgun usage and rules for safe handling and storage of a handgun. It also must require a physical demonstration of the attitude necessary to shoot a handgun in a safe manner.
    As part of the training, applicants also must receive and certify that they have reviewed a copy of this publication.
    So did they read the manual or did they lie on their application?
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    Plus shouldn't the state have caught on before it issued CHLs to people? This is like the state blaming the beer company because a bar sold to an underage drinker. The state gave a license to the bar so the beer company sold to the bar yet the state blames the beer company. In this case the state accepted certificates from these trainers and issued licenses but instead of blaming the trainers or the state for accepting the certs they blame the person they issued licenses to.
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    I had read a news article on this story which claimed that the sheriffs department was notifying all affected people.

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