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Thread: Winco sign in Nampa

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    Winco sign in Nampa

    Purchased my winning lottery ticket for this evenings powerball. As I was waiting for the ticket to print I was reading their sign on the wall. One is a hand written sign stating that concealed Weapon Permits are not accepted as ID for any transaction. I contacted winco corporate and they stated any state issued id is acceptable and the store manager has discretion. According to the girl at the customer service counter the reason for not honoring the permit is that it is County issued not state issued. She didn't know anything other than that. the store manager was not available at the time I was there or I would have quizzed him.

    I looked at my permit and it does have the Idaho seal and hologram. It states "Idaho Concealed Weapons License", however, it has a county id number.

    Hmmm. I think using the store manager logic, Idaho Driver Licenses are not acceptable either as the county sherrif dept issues those also. I think he does not understand that both licenses are issued for the state by the county.

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    Just a guess, they might follow election guidelines for what is considered identification. A CWL is not on the list. Which is interesting because last time I voted I pulled out my CWL by mistake and had no problems.
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