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Thread: Man accidently shoots self in Nevada theater

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    Man accidently shoots self in Nevada theater

    All I can say is brilliant, just brilliant... All indications seem to point the the fact that the guy was carrying his pistol in his pocket with no holster. While holsters don't eliminate negligent discharges they do help reduce them. Just carry your gun in a holster people...
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    And the press has to add insult to injury
    The incident comes less than a month after a shooting at a suburban Denver theater that left 12 dead and 58 injured.
    What a numbnuts! Pax...
    Glocks ROCK!

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    One report stated that only about five out of 30 folks heard the shot, then only those around this nitwit.

    Another report stated that the 911 caller said seven or eight shots being fired.

    I asked a cop buddy of mine what he would do when he got a dude who did this. "I'd be chuckling first, and feel sorry for the fella next."....."Id' get another officer to cuff him if we had to cuz I figure he is gunna get it a lot worse than what ever the DA could give him."....."That dude is marked for life in more way than one."
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    Add another candidate to the Darwin award list. SHEESH!
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    Moral of the story don't play with your gun in public.

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