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Thread: Brew City Shooters

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    Brew City Shooters

    OK, which one of you Big Bad Boggy Men rain on his Parade????

    Hello again, Mike here, owner of Brew City Shooter’s Supply Inc. Congratulations to members of a certain political organization, which I will leave nameless, on exercising a successful smear campaign. These selfish rabble rousers went to such lengths to tarnish me, that through hate mail and intimidation they were able to get the House of Harley to back out of my charitable event for the Wounded Warrior Project. This was not an event to benefit Brew City Shooters or House of Harley; it was for our wounded veterans. This is not only a shame, but an insult to our veteran community. As I and half my staff are combat veterans, we are personally offended by their actions. I may only have 15 months experience in Iraq, but I will always be a combat engineer and proud veteran.

    Despite this turn of events, we would still like to invite all who would have attended to come out anyway and support our wounded veterans. As before, we will donate half of all range proceeds for the weekend to the Wounded Warrior Project. It is my hope that the real shooting community will come together and support this worthy cause.

    Now there was an article in Tuesday Local section, page 3b, bottom left corner.

    Gun shop stops naming names.

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