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Thread: Need FFL who's willing to go to USPS Counter, & send handgun to dealer in WA

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    Need FFL who's willing to go to USPS Counter, & send handgun to dealer in WA


    I haven't posted here in a long time, but here goes. I'm doing preparations for a lawsuit to be filed against the Northern Marianas Islands. The Marianas still maintains a handgun ban in violation of the Heller decision. I have plaintiffs already lined up, and the lawyers, but basically a handgun is needed before we can move on to the next phase.

    During the Heller litigation, the handgun that was fought over was a 22 caliber buntline 9 shot revolver that Dick Heller attempted to register. For this case, it'll be either be a .357 Magnum revolver or a 1911-style .45ACP.

    A family member of the plaintiffs wants them to have the handgun. However, he doesn't have the knowledge to fill out federal declarations for a preliminary injunction in court. I however, do.

    The family member lives in Boaz, AL.

    The plan is to transfer the gun to my possession up here in Washington State.

    In order to do this, it requires shipping. Now, UPS and FedEx charges an exorbitant amount in prices ($80-$110) to ship a single handgun. With the postal service, handguns are NOT mail-able except in very limited circumstances. One of those circumstances is between FFL to FFL.

    Here's how it would work:

    AL FFL takes possession of the handgun from the family member and puts it in their bound book. AL FFL gets a copy of the WA FFL faxed, emailed, or snail mailed (I will work with both the WA & AL FFL's to get this done) AL FFL calls up the postal service to arrange for going to the counter with proper holding box to ship the handgun (the family member will provide this). The AL FFL brings a copy of his own FFL and the WA FFL copy to the counter (federal law requires telling the counter employee about it, they will likely ask for a supervisor).

    Domestic Mail Manual Covers this:

    12.1.5 Manufacturers, Dealers, and Importers
    Handguns may also be mailed between licensed manufacturers of firearms, licensed dealers of firearms, and licensed importers of firearms in customary trade shipments, or for repairing or replacing parts.

    12.1.6 Certificate of Manufacturers, Dealers, and Importers
    A federal firearms licensee manufacturer, dealer or importer need not file the affidavit under 12.1.4, but must file with the postmaster a statement on Form 1508 signed by the mailer that he or she is a licensed manufacturer, dealer or importer of firearms. The mailer must also state that the parcels containing handguns, or parts and components of handguns under 12.1.2d, are being mailed in customary trade shipments or contain such articles for repairing or replacing parts, and that to the best of their knowledge the addressees are licensed manufacturers, dealers or importers of firearms.

    The shipping costs will be around $15-$20 (which I'm willing to pay up front or the family member will). Once you have the slip, you would note in your bound book that it has left your possession and shipped to the WA FFL, and should put that copy of their FFL in the bound book.

    If you know anyone in who is an FFL near Boaz who can do this for no cost besides shipping (we'd like the money to go towards paying the lawyers for their expenses), please post here or PM me. If you're part of this, you can consider the good work of freeing 50,000 people from the clutches of a handgun ban, and you'll get many kudos when the dust clears from the lawsuit.

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