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Thread: Here Comes The Wave Of Gun Control Bills

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    Here Comes The Wave Of Gun Control Bills

    It appears California, Illinois and New York for starters:

    Dear Governor Quinn in Illinois, one of the most anti-gun states in America, enlightens us:

    ""It's time for the people to band together in our state ... and do something about these weapons. We should remember those who lost their lives," Quinn said last month after he added his gun control proposal onto a bill that had dealt with ammunition sales."
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    And, To Add More Fuel to The Anti-Gun Tirades, We Have Another Shooting

    August 17th, (excerpt from Reuters article)
    NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - Two Louisiana sheriff's deputies were killed and two others wounded in a pair of related shootings west of New Orleans on Thursday, and police said they have five people in custody in connection with the incident.

    A gunman shot and wounded a St. John Parish deputy while he was directing traffic at about 5 a.m. CDT in an off-site parking lot for the Valero Energy Corp.'s St. Charles refinery, St. John Parish Sheriff Mike Tregre said.
    The gunman fled, and officers investigating the incident ended up at a trailer park in LaPlace, about 25 miles west of New Orleans. As they were interviewing two suspects, someone came out of a trailer with an assault weapon and shot dead the two officers, Tregre said.
    Further details @:

    I suppose if you looked at it very objectively, any item used as a weapon in an assault could be labeled "an assault weapon". An ashtray, a 9-iron, a rolling pin, a knife or an automobile, could all be labeled as such under the right circumstances. However... we have a fairly narrow (and generally accepted) definition of what constitutes an "assault weapon", and it goes something like this:
    A firearm capable of launching multiple projectiles with a single activation of the trigger.
    That may not be precisely how everybody would define the term, but (without beginning an argument over semantics) it's "close enough for government work". I now have to wonder if the weapon used to murder the two deputies was misidentified as an "assault weapon" based on appearance alone, as so many people (including LEO's ) are inclined to do. And, if it is truly an assault weapon, I'm certain they had the required federal tax transfer stamp. Pax...
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    What we need is more rules against murder. All these murders and nobody is doing anything about it. Murder should be more illegal.

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    Love living in Maine. Bills like these will most likely never reach the Senate floor here.
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