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    Northwest Citizens Defense League (

    Some of you probably don't even know this site even exists.... NWCDL never took off like some of the CDL's in other states. A couple of years ago I took over from JoeRocket. There is a lot of info available on the site for new and old members alike. However, traffic for the last year has fallen off and we are no longer getting the donations to cover the maintenance costs. In light of that I have to ask;

    1). Should the site be shut down?

    2). does anyone else want to take it over?

    Monthly maintenance fees are $9.95 a month thru Host Gator (we get unlimited disk space & bandwidth)
    Yearly domain renewal fees run about $60 (.com, .org, .net)

    With Youtube & Facebook and a few other online media sites I really don't see a reason to keep this up and running, except as a FTP storage site since we get unlimited disk space & bandwidth.

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    I know about it and have it bookmarked, and I even tried to register there. I don't think the registration ever went through, so I really don't participate there. Between OCDO an, many of the issues covered on NWCDL can be discussed, so I don't see why it needs to be a resource drain. If you can contact the frequent users of NWCDL, they might have a different opinion though, maybe they would be more inclined to keep the site alive.
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    Bill, Ill send you a PM.
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    Please talk to the guys at WaGuns. I would hate to see your hard work leave the internets.
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    I'm a sponosr on several websites. Contact me at and we can talk about sponsorhip of your site. Several other businesses tend to sponsor as well.

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    One thing I'll put out there. I recently moved all of the domains & hosting I have from GoDaddy to They have a basic hosting package (25 gig of storage and unlimited bandwidth) for $3.45 a month. If nothing else it could save a nickel to find a different host.

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