I just received this from Buckeye Firearms Association, and recommend showing your support for Sharon Kennedy in November. At the very least, get a yard sign through her campaign site.

Right now, Yvette McGee Brown holds the Associate Justice seat Kennedy is running for. Brown is a Democrat-appointee who filled the seat in 2011 when Justice Maureen O'Conner was elected Chief Justice. Now the seat is up for election. And the gun grabbers want to fill it with an anti-gun justice.

Brown's reputation is that of a well-liked person who has in many ways served the public well. And for that, we applaud her success and public service.

But ... when it comes to the Second Amendment and gun rights, her record is clear. Through word and deed, she has earned an "F" rating from Buckeye Firearms Association and the NRA.

Brown has proudly said she's never owned a gun. When former Gov. Strickland proclaimed his full support of the Second Amendment, she said she "doesn't agree" with him. She's frequently refused to answer direct questions about gun control to hide her true feelings.

However, her feelings were pretty plain when she was a featured speaker at Million Mom March anti-gun rally in Columbus. And she left little doubt about her stance on gun rights when she voted in the minority to allow Ohio cities to continue banning guns.

This is why it is vital that we get behind our endorsed, "A+" rated candidate Sharon Kennedy and help her win in this election.

Because of her modesty and because of strict judicial election rules, Sharon cannot not tell you how good she is on the issue of gun rights in Ohio. But WE can.

Sharon Kennedy is a true patriot. She enthusiastically believes in our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Kennedy is a former police officer, an experienced sport shooter, and an avid gun enthusiast. She not only believes in our right to self-defense, she exercises that right with an Ohio Concealed Handgun License and loves to spend time at the range with friends.