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Thread: Who Needs a Gun in Dallas?

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    Who Needs a Gun in Dallas?

    When seconds matter, the police are only two days away!
    It's better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it...

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    Five (5) different cases decided by SCOTUS say the police have no duty to protect any specific individual. At least one of those cases says the police have no duty to respond to a 9-1-1 call.

    Are you suggesting that if the police did a better job when they showed up the lady would not have been killed? If so, please explain how/why.

    It's a sad situation, but instead of piling blame on law enforcement we should be seeking ways to use this to educate the public about the fact that they are in fact on their own and that calling 9-1-1 will not save them.

    stay safe.
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    The Department is seeking to determine if the nature of the call was sufficiently communicated through each step of the process to the responding officers and the appropriateness of their response based on the information provided.
    According to police records, Deanna Cook called 911 about 10:54 a.m. Friday. She could be heard screaming for her ex-husband to stop attacking her. "Delvecchio, why are you doing this?" Cook yelled, according to police records.

    "Red, please stop, I didn't do anything to you," she said, referring to him by his nickname. ...

    Two days later, as Cook's family grew concerned about her well-being, they went to the home and found her dead.
    Does not look good for LE if the above is accurate. Then again, why would LE care? The courts have provided cover.
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