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Thread: Anti-Gun Wacko of The Week: Professor Jerry Peterson

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    Anti-Gun Wacko of The Week: Professor Jerry Peterson

    Those of us who spend our time defending gun rights are used to dealing with the emotionally charged and twisted logic of those on the other side of the issue. But every once in a while, someone takes a position so ridiculous, so asinine, that they deserve special attention.
    Such a person is Professor Jerry Peterson of the University of Colorado. Professor Peterson, who is a scholar of some renown in nuclear physics circles, was elevated to the exalted position of Anti-Gun Wacko of The Week because of his reaction to the University of Colorado’s announcement that permit holders cannot be barred from bringing their firearms onto campus.


    It is pretty funny if I do say so myself.

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    Is Mr. Peterson an Atheist? I wonder if he'd stop class if an Agnostic, registered or unregistered, was present. Oh that may be taking it too far... okay, what if he's morally opposed to tattoos? Stop the class.

    A knife can be just as deadly. Would he stop the class then? No? So he's not worried about the safety of his students, he's worried about pushing his own agenda. Of course I cannot prove that he has no issue with knives in class, I'm just musing that the former would be the case.

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    It may still be advised not to carry in his class because he could always retaliate with poor grades. Sad that he would or could use his power over the grades of a student, but I would not put it past him if he is this ideologicly opposed. Tenure is never a good thing.
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    Me thinks he got his strings all in a knot over nothing. And if I were a parent paying $50K/yr I would be all over this guy with the president of the university. Stopping a class, why? Get a new job ... oh, wait, your a physics major which in the real world = technician.

    And if I were a student I would sit carrying in the first row with a tee-shirt: I am carrying a gun to physics class and at the beginning of the class ask him: Prof, can we all go now?

    The OP should post his Anti-gun Wacko segment weekly to keep us informed of the delusional characters that abound.
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