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Thread: 19 shot overnight in chicago-

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    19 shot overnight in chicago-

    13 in a 30 minute span.

    how's that gun control workin for ya?,0,49779.story

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    it was a warm evening .... load 'em up boys ! Yee-haw!

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    I demand more guns laws immediately!!!
    The United States Constitution 1791. All Rights Reserved.
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    Only 19? Wow we've cut shootings in 1/2. See gun control works!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lasjayhawk View Post
    Only 19? Wow we've cut shootings in 1/2. See gun control works!
    That is damn hilarious!
    I don't mind watching the OC-Community (tea party 2.0's, who have hijacked the OC-Community) cannibalize itself. I do mind watching OC dragged through the gutter. OC is an exercise of A Right. I choose to not OC; I choose to not own firearms. I choose to leave the OC-Community to it's own self-inflicted injuries, and eventual implosion. Carry on...

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    I hate to sound crass, but this is eventually a self critiquing cycle:

    - anti-2A liberals vote gun control advocates into office
    - gun control advocates reduce carry to near-zero
    - crime rises to the point where killings of anti-2A liberals is rampant...

    Perhaps we should stop complaining about Chicago being the city with both the greatest amount of gun control as well as having the most crime and just let them reduce their own numbers?
    The First protects the Second, and the Second protects the First. Together, they protect the rest of our Bill of Rights and our United States Constitution, and help We the People protect ourselves in the spirit of our Declaration of Independence.

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