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Thread: Crossbreed holster developer Mark Craighead has passed

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    Crossbreed holster developer Mark Craighead has passed

    Crossbreed's Facebook status was updated around 7pm this evening with an announcement that Mark Craighead, the developer of the Crossbreed holster line, had passed away. Mark will be missed by so many in the firearms community that his holsters will carry a new meaning, one of commemoration. The C&H will no longer just mean Crossbreed Holsters, it will now carry the CraigHead name forever.

    Taken from their Facebook page:
    Friends of Crossbreed, it is with the greatest sadness that we share with you that our extraordinary friend and Founder, Mark Craighead, passed away this afternoon. We will continue his commitment to the values that made his life count and that created the quality products that you count on. He'd want you remember the Cross in Crossbreed. He always did.

    Rest in peace Mark. Watch over your family with shielded wings as only you know how.

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    Damn good holsters, IMO. I have the IWB, and the Bomber (?).
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    Re: Crossbreed holster developer Mark Craighead has passed

    Thank You for what you stood for. May you rest easy with the knowledge that your spirit will live on in everyone who owns one of your holsters. And may anyone who knew you be comforted in this time of loss.
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