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Thread: Mark Craighead-founder of Crossbreed Holsters passes-RIP

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    Mark Craighead-founder of Crossbreed Holsters passes-RIP

    Sad news

    There is an entry on the Crossbreed Facebook page but I don't use Facebook.

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    Mark Craighead-founder of Crossbreed Holsters passes-RIP

    Great product. Thoughts and payers go out to family, friends, employees.

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    I am very sorry to hear this,

    I own several and in part due to Mark's commitment to his customers. During the very first purchase I made from them something happened

    with the web page and I had to call to complete the transaction which was not a big deal, they checked to make sure it was not in the system,

    apologized for any inconvenience and we proceeded with the transaction by phone.

    Low and behold I was charged twice, I shot off an email when I found this out and Mark personally responded to my email with a phone call in very short order.

    The issue was promptly resolved and I expressed at that point that if the product was half as good as the customer service they had a customer for life,

    well I have been a customer to point. I am saddened at the loss of a gentleman that embodied the spirit of entrepreneurship and shared his success with those

    around him. I believe his success was in large part due to his outstanding character in business dealings and apparently in his personal life as well.

    I truly hope they carry on in the spirit Mark had while growing the company.

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