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Thread: Disappointing experience with LV Shooting Academy/Sentinel Arms

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    Disappointing experience with LV Shooting Academy/Sentinel Arms

    I had to transfer a gun from Ohio this week and used Sentinel Firearms based on their location - they advertise an address close to me.

    Turns out this is a "pay as you use" office - in other words they don't have a location and you have to book an appointment to use the office. I email him to let him know the tracking number shows the gun has arrived yesterday morning. He writes back that we should set an appointment to finish the transfer on Monday.

    I explained Mon-Fri is difficult with my schedule and he did not write back. So I call today, get a voicemail, leave a message and he doesn't respond.

    But this afternoon I get a text front that number saying, "Can you pickup at 3:15?"
    Naturally I say, "Sure.".
    He texts back, "Trent?"
    Me, "No this is (my name)"
    Him, "Oh. I though this was someone else. We are closed on weekends."
    Me, "Ok, you may think about putting your hours on your website. It states, re transfers, that I can come pickup at my convenience. What are your hours throug the week?"
    Him, "We are moving to a large store, that is why the diff hours. During the move it is by appointment only."
    Me, "Ok...what are your hours through the week. Mon-Fri is difficult with my schedule..." response.

    Would I use his services again? Not a chance.

    Frustrating experience.

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    should check it out before you decide to do a transfer with them ...

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    You should have gone at 3:15 anyway.

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    So, if you were 'Trent,' he would have been okay making the appointment for 3:15, but since you weren't, he couldn't?
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    Obviously, he must have more business than he wants.... So, I'll support his decision to not have my patronage!
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