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Thread: Just a quick funny

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    Just a quick funny

    So after concealing all day and feeling typically uncomfortable about it, I finally left the shoot-me-first vest in the truck when me & my wife stopped at the McDonalds in Mukilteo. As I'm walking out, the lady in the front seat of a car by the door gets the wide-eyed "OMG a gun!" look.

    A moment later as I'm passing the car, I hear the door locks click.

    Struck me as funny. Thought to myself, "yeah, lotta good that's gonna do you lady, had I been an actual bad guy."
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    Wife and I were sitting in the car on a cloudy evening. It was rather warm day so the windows were down.
    - Thank gawd we were in a parking lt because a HUGE clap of thunder cracked..... she screamed (like a movie star) ..... then frantically rolled up the window.... Then started to laugh because she realized it would not help. We still poke fun about it from time to time :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Metalhead47 View Post

    A moment later as I'm passing the car, I hear the door locks click.
    Door locks? Are you sure she wasn't just cocking her own gun?
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    Quote Originally Posted by amlevin View Post
    Door locks? Are you sure she wasn't just cocking her own gun?
    Ma Deuce????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orphan View Post
    Ma Deuce????
    Now that is a funny.
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