The Missouri "VETO" session is Sept. 12th through the 14th. From what i've told it won't take that long. They may only be in session perhaps an hour and gone!
If you want to talk to your state reps and senators they will be there. Soem of course will not be back next year via term limits or lose the election in November.

I'm going the 12th, it's a chance to work for our cause!
There probably won't be much time, these folks want to get the you know what out of Jeff. City, not a party town.

If you want to talk with your elected officials make an appointment so you can talk with them before they book out!
Call or email thier offices.

Each and every pro-OC encounter helps, especially if you can take the time to go and shake their hands.
Jan 2013 is not far away, we'll need all the help we can get!

I'll be wearing my big red "Guns save lives" button. Can't miss me in a crowd! But don't shoot.