Saturday shopping with the wife, stopped in at Kay Jewelers to get our wedding bands cleaned, manager asked us to stop in for a big diamond show next weekend... I told him we are NOT unpaid security for them! He got a good laugh from that... Next up, Wally World (Wooster)... wife stopped to eat a pretzel and breastfeed the baby girl, 3 separate people walked up and asked if we were LEOs on duty (WHILE my wife is breastfeeding!) we laughingly tell them no, we're just ordinary people. They ask about the laws of Ohio, so we give a quick summary, and point them to this site and tell them to look up Ohio laws (DON'T ask an LEO, they may lie or not know!) The only negative was about my wife feeding and carrying at the same time... a polite lady told that guy to ****... I WISH I had a recorder... it was kinda funny! (Note to self... get a recorder and USE it! Oh, and one for the wife, too!) Anyhow, the secondary goal of informing and educating the public is working well! (I don't have to tell anyone here the PRIMARY reason to carry, do I?!? )