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Thread: Open Carry, not just a right but a responsibility

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    Open Carry, not just a right but a responsibility

    I live in a small town in the Columbia River Gorge. I do not ever leave my house with out my .45 in an open carry condition. I go to the big cities (both Vancouver and Portland areas) once or perhaps twice a week. I ride my motorcycle sixteen thousand miles a year. Mostly in Oregon and Washington. I always open carry. I am the only one I see open carry anywhere. I come here to open carry dot org and read the posts. I feel that about one percent you out there may really open carry while the rest have a weak kneed NRA approach to the second amendment. I have broached this vain of dialog before with a little less avidity and have always gotten a plethora of excuses why those of you who can don’t open carry. Fact is ladies and gentlemen open carry is no longer just a right it is a responsibility. First responsibility, the bad guys and the demented need to see that there are those of us, who are ready and willing to shoot back, not just helpless victims. Second responsibility, we need to anesthetize the public so they don’t jerk when they see someone open carrying a handgun. We need responsible folk to be ambassadors of open carry, not the simple minded that wonder around loitering, swaggering there hip with camera ready hoping to be harassed. This helps no one and accomplishes nothing.
    If you don’t have the knarlies to open carry your weapon then why come here to this site? Stick with Vanity Fair.
    I’m sure this will p*** a few of you off. Quite frankly I don’t care. What I care about is turning this liberal wagon around and this is one of the things I do. What are you willing to do?

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    Don't be angered by their ignorance. Be polite, your carrying a gun.


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    I open carry when ever I leave my house.

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    I do my best to oc everywhere, is say 90% of the time outside of work. I am still new to it, but get more confident with every day. I think that it will be a slow process for the general population to come around to the idea of loaded guns in the possession of strangers. I agree that those just out to try and get Leo to violate there rights are just seeking attention, and do not necessarily help our cause. I hope to see more oc'ers soon.
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    "To defend my family, and protect our rights"

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    Great post.

    I am starting to open carry wherever possible. The "public" must know that citizens with firearms are NOT the enemy.

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    I OC except when I am at college as they will expel me and I can't afford the legal battle against the "bottomless" checkbook of the tax payers.
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