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Thread: Delegate Dwyer shoots himself in the foot (figuratively)

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    Delegate Dwyer shoots himself in the foot (figuratively)

    One of the 2A's most vocal and effective supporters in the MD Legislature, Del. Don Dwyer, drove his motorboat into another smaller vessel which was carrying two adults and 5 children, sending 4 of the children to the hospital. Dwyer was intoxicated--he blew a 0.2--twice the legal limit in MD...

    Gee, thanks Don. Way to show how 2A proponents are law-abiding, socially-responsible and in control of themselves.

    As if it wasn't bad enough that we had to bite our tongues every time you go off on some sort of wack-job homophobic rant about how gays are a threat to children...

    And it's not like we enjoy listening to your insane misogynist screeds against women's reproductive rights...

    But getting drunk and running over a dingy full of kids? Really Don? REALLY?

    Gee, thanks, there bud.

    My support for you is now 0%. I've had to hold my nose to feign support and cordiality for you in the past, when we were both on the same side of various MD "concealed carry" bills, but that is done.

    You may be able to hide behind your "religious beliefs" when you spew your sexist, homophobic vitriol, but there is simply NO WAY that I can excuse an aquatic-borne lush who runs over children with a motorboat.

    I hope they sue you into oblivion, and out of the Legislature, Del. Dwyer.

    Let us all hope that the next "Conservative" your district elects will be less of a hate-filled hypocrite...
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