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Thread: The Well-Read Rogue: Introduction

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    The Well-Read Rogue: Introduction

    ... one of the greatest things about being a voracious reader is sharing the books and worlds you have discovered with your friends. Nothing (outside of female nudity of course) gets me more excited than sharing a literary discovery with a fellow reader.

    That is why I have decided to add a regular feature on Monachus Lex called “The Well-Read Rogue” wherein I will share with you the books and series that I consider must-reads. I hope you enjoy these interludes between legal and gun-rights commentary as much as I expect to enjoy sharing them with you.

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    A Blog/soapbox worth following too - a window into your mind that helps to understand so much else.

    Words have meaning. Knowing something about the person using them gives us the gift of insight and thereby greater definition.

    BTW - I believe the anticipated result from your July exam are due soon, are they not?
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