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Thread: Unusual OCer spotted the other day at a fire scene. Volunteer Firefighter!

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    Unusual OCer spotted the other day at a fire scene. Volunteer Firefighter!

    Now don't get me wrong. I OC, however this was a head turner.

    Since I wasn't bold enough to snap a pic, here's the narrative. There was a structure fire. Several fire departments (mostly volunteer) had sent apparatus for mutual aid. Toward the end of the incident, this particular volunteer showed up. He was wearing jeans and a department issue T shirt. He was also OCing a sidearm AND AN OPEN CARRY BADGE. He was not wearing bunker gear or attempting to assist with fire suppression or anything else. Basically he was an official bystander, wandering about and chit-chatting with his Chief, a few other volunteers and a Deputy, who also volunteers in his department. I have never seen this guy before but I'm told he is not new. I guess he just doesn't show up on EMS calls. I know another of this department's volunteers OCs but not to incidents, and also works unarmed security at the local hospital.


    Volunteer Firefighter OCs in what passes for a uniform out here in rural land, department apparently doesn't care. Cool.

    OPEN CARRY BADGE, a 6 point star/shield - just a little weird.

    I'm informed that he is former USMC. Interesting tattoo of Old Glory on the back of his shaved head to boot.

    The badge looked sorta but not exactly like this, and I'm told has some wording about OC but not sure what it is.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've heard of that on here before. I would doubt any 'actual' firefighter would not be allowed by their department to OC, but as for a volunteer in a rural area, I'm sure it's not that odd. They're people too, just trying to live through the day by OCing, and just happen to also respond to a fire call. No biggie.

    As for the OC badge, I just think that the concept of CC/OC badges is wrong. Basically trying to make people unwittingly think you are a LEA as not to be bothered. Hard for me to articulate why, but it doing that type of thing just rubs me the wrong way.
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