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Thread: I just order my new 1911 Holster

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    I just order my new 1911 Holster

    Well I love having my wife getting into guns now but the $$ jumps up very quick. Wife still has not picked out what she wants in a holster yet but she found herself a pistol light for her Springfield XD 9mm. Therefore, I told her if I buy her that, I get to buy myself a new holster and she agreed. She got the Stream light TR-1 for 103. and I bought the Galco V-HAWK IWB Holster for the nights where I get all dressed up and or hot summer days where I don't open carry(I use a serpa for that). Total was 208.35 before I put the coupon in which brought me down to 198.35. I have heard good things about the holster and I loved the feel of it when I seen them at a few gun shows, I was not about to pay what they wanted though. What do you all think?

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