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Thread: OC Shotgun same as handgun??

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    Question OC Shotgun same as handgun??

    With hunting season on the horizon I was thinking about how the state views OC of a loaded shotgun in a car. I don't intend on having it in the front next to me but I would like to lay it in the back seat in plain view. I understand that a handgun can now be consealed provided its in a secured container i.e. glovebox, console,etc. Just wondering if the same applys to a shotgun case and can it be out of the case loaded in plain view.....

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    There are a select few areas where a loaded rifle or shotgun may not be carried in a vehicle...(Henrico, Richmond, WMA's, Etc) permit holders exempted for some stupid reason. Check the game laws.

    Cased isn't concealed.

    Since I don't live in a special county, I have a loaded, uncased, rifle, shotgun or both all year. They get changed with the seasons.

    For those scoundrels that scoff at the special area rules, The fine is about twenty five bucks.
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    You can have a shotgun on school property in your vehicle as long as it's unloaded (I believe it needs to be in a case or in a gun rack).
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