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Thread: Poor guy has to shave./s

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    Poor guy has to shave./s

    I volunteer to help hold him down.

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    Poor guy has to shave./s

    I would prefer waxing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uber_Olafsun View Post
    I would prefer waxing.
    Much too dangerous to the person applying the wax.

    The military court of appeals and SCOTUS have consistently upheld military grooming standards over religious dress/grooming claims.

    The "hidden" joy here is that while Hassan is pending trial he is not eligibe for a raft of privileges he could enjoy post conviction. Let him delay this till the bitter end. All the .mil must do at this time is feed him, give him TP, be assessed by a medic to determine if he needs to be seen by an MD, allow him to meet with his attorneys, and walk him for an hour 3 times a week.

    Let him and his legal team eat up time. There is no clock ticking off the seconds until he gets off on some sort of technicality related to speedy trials or the like.

    stay safe.
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    Be willing to bet there will be a bunch crying that making him shave violates his "rights".

    Got news for them. Major Hasan, much as it galls me to give him his title, is not under the Constitution. He is under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and under Army Regulations. Truth be known, his rights under the UCMJ are probably more stringently protected than ours are under the Constitution.
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    Even Stevie Wonder could connect these dots...

    Hasan went without the beard the entire time he was an active member of the military, and now, all of a sudden it's a "religious" issue? What it is, is legal smoke and mirrors, in an attempt to delay the inevitable.

    There are only two dots for the military court to connect:
    1. A roomful of dead (13) and wounded (43) Army personnel, and
    2. only one person holding firearms, and firing upon responding police

    Nidal Hasan is guilty of 13 counts of murder, and 43 counts (44 counting the police officer he shot) of attempted murder, beyond any reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, the Army no longer has the firing squad as punishment for acts of treason and murder - the sole method of execution is now lethal injection. Pax...
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