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Thread: Carrying Crossdraw

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    Carrying Crossdraw

    Due to back pain that is focused entirely on my right side and which is extremely amplified by carrying at the 3 o'clock position, I have been thinking about carrying in the crossdraw position. I tried it out the other day with great results, but it will take some getting used to as well as a holster that is designed for a right handed guy to carry at 9-10 o' clock.

    What is your opinion on crossdraw carry, both OC and/or CC, since I do both depending on the situation and/or my mood?

    Does anyone know of any good holsters (preferably ITWB) for cross carry? I carry a Glock 21.


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    + & -

    Cross draw has its pluses, comfort being one of them.

    FIST Holsters offers holsters designed with belt loops and straps, Kydex or leather, to be worn either OWB and IWB. You can order straight draw or raked, with or without a thumbbreak, in addition to other options.

    Personally, about a 30 degree rake works well when carried in front of the hip; straight draw works well at 9 o'clock for the slender built person as a raked holster allows the butt to protrude forward.

    Crossdraw also has its shortcomings. FWIW something which may very well solve your weight bearing problem is a pair of Perry Suspenders Try a pair, both styles, before switching to crossdraw with the GLOCK.

    Also consider a lighter hogleg - something in the Kahr "P" series catagory.

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    Crossdraw is a great way to present a gun to the bad guy. If you do it, I recommend at least a Safariland ALS holster. A higher level of retention may be better.

    Try a kydex reinforced belt from Comp-Tac. Consider getting a holster with split loops or belt cuts (classic pancake holster).

    Also, try moving the gun back a bit. I have a similar problem that goes away once I move the gun back.

    Consider appendix carry if you're tall enough to accommodate the longer G21 slide. It's a very fast draw and is perfectly safe if you handle the gun safely.
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    I too carry a G 21 and I use an Uncle Mikes Law Enforcement Kydex holster. From the day I got the holster to now, I haven't modified the rake, height, etc., I just use it as it came out of the package. For me, the advantages of cross draw with this holster are that I don't have to switch it while driving, the seatbelt doesn't interfere with seated drawing. I feel I am better able to defend against a gun-grab, especially from behind. It also keeps my drawing motion on the same side for when I'm using my shoulder holster. I OC everywhere with this pistol in the Cross Draw 11 o clock position, and I do yard work, drive, mow the lawn on a riding tractor, dig stumps out by hand, bend, lean, stand, sit, type at the computer and so on, without much difficulty. The only issue is while sitting in the car driving, it has a tendency to poke my smokes out of my t-shirt pocket.. all it takes is a slight push left or right on the belt line to slide it to a more accommodating position.

    I like the 11 o clock position too, for other various reasons relating to concealment while OC'ing. If I'm grocery shopping the cart is usually concealing the firearm keeping those easily offended by inanimate objects from going into a tizzy. People behind me can't readily see it even though it's right out in plain sight. Then here on the wet side of WA, if I toss on a jacket, the firearm is still easily visible and easily accessed if need be. Just my opinion.
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    I universally carry cross-draw any pistol at 10-11 O'
    clock. It's easier to bring to bear from any body position and doesn't interfere with the seat belt buckle. I use a variety of holsters, but prefer a Blackhawk Serpa. Unfortunately the only one of those made for what I carry is the for the 1911.

    As far as 'presenting to the bad guys'... it's much better than having the thing available from behind. I've carried in this manner for about 9 years, including 'at home'.

    Arizona is usually a different dynamic than most other states... with the exception of inner city areas. My other holsters are Galco,Bianchi and Uncle Mikes, as well as military flap models. Both of my shoulder holsters are made by Bianci also.

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