Have you ever been standing at the bar and reach back for your wallet, only to realize you forgot your pants? Yep that is how I felt when I landed in San Antonio. I went through things that I normally wouldn't, just to see my little granddaughters. Letting them perverts look at my perfect naked body, including taking my cowboy boots off. That's not to mention taking my western belt and hat off. No pocket knives, no sidearms, damn I felt bare!

Awww, the girls made up for it, though. The second day there we were to travel across the state. I got desperate so I bought my daughter an new box of really expensive .38 Special and borrowed her S&W M36 to travel with. It felt better except when I had to get out of t he car. Nekked again!

Well I'm home now and my closest friend is on my hip. I love Colorado.