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Thread: Stolen Kimber! serial number attached

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    Stolen Kimber! serial number attached

    From another firearms forum I'm active on, had a guy that had his Kimber stolen.

    Stainless Kimber Raptor II .45

    The serial number is


    From the OP:

    To further help making the gun worthless (I already reported it to police who entered it into the NCIC database), the serial number was : K381280

    Any help I can get spreading the word that this is a stolen serial number is appreciated!

    Thanks to you all for your posts!

    Didn't want to post the link to the thread unless it's allowed. Just wanted to spread this info to help get this gun back where it belongs.

    Thanks fellas,


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    Stolen Kimber! serial number attached

    Uh, could we get some more information? Like where and when this took place and the circumstances surrounding it? Also, if we did have information who are we supposed to contact,
    "When seconds count between living or dying, the police are only minutes away."

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