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Thread: VCDL: No such thing as bad publicity, or so they say...

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    VCDL: No such thing as bad publicity, or so they say...

    Two recent LTE from the Free Lance-Star. Somehow I missed the first one, the second refers back to the first, and mentions VCDL. Yes, it's rather silly, but... as the title of this post says... even the pro-chicken crowd knows who the major players are in the Virginia gun arena.

    Background: Both Spotsylvania County and the adjacent City of Fredericksburg are considering local ordinances to allow the keeping of hens on private residential property. Fredericksburg gave their final approval tonight, apparently Spotsylvania is still in the process.

    LTE: 9/3/12: Weapons, yes: Hens, no
    LTE: 9/12/12: Let cocks crow in already-awake Spotsylvania*


    * Snippet:

    "I will not rouse the self-righteous wrath of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, not will I trample on the divine rights of the Second Amendment as interpreted by the NRA. Rather, permit me an old observation about chickens and the laying of eggs, handed down decades ago by my grandmother."
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