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Thread: Radford votes to ban concealed guns in buildings

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    Radford votes to ban concealed guns in buildings

    "RADFORD, Va. (AP) Radford University is joining other Virginia schools in barring the concealed carry of guns in campus buildings."

    I hope we get college carry next year to show them.
    How come a DUI you can get your driver licence back, which it is a privilege. But if commiting a felon, even something non violent like stealing, you are denied your constitutional rights for the rest of your life?
    If you don't support the Second Amendment to the Constitution, what other parts of the Constitution do you reject?
    More restrictions on guns? how about restrictions on chainsaws and knives?

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    e Radford University Board of Visitors voted Friday to join Virginia Tech and Old Dominion University in barring concealed carry of firearms in campus buildings.
    The board approved the ban on a 9-5 vote. Voting in favor were Rector Linda Whitley-Taylor, Nancy Artis, Brandon Bell, Mary Waugh Campbell, Sandra Davis, Kevin Dye, Darius Johnson, Ruby Rogers and Georgia Anne Snyder-Falkinham. The five who voted against were Vice Rector Milton Johns, Anthony Bedell, Matthew Crisp, Wendy Tepper and Michael Wray. Stephan Cassaday was absent.
    Members of the general public still may carry firearms on the grounds. But guns are banned at university outdoor events
    The whole document is available as a Scribed document at the website above. It still looks like a policy, as opposed to a regulation entered into the VAC. They do designate both campus and mutual-aid department police as "persons in charge" for purposes of enforcing the policy.

    stay safe.
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    The wording they use in their regulation is essentially a copy of the regulation passed by Virginia Tech (8VAC105-20). I'm sure the trend will continue with the posting of only the final regulation in the Virginia Register, citing the exemption from 2.2-4002 even though it does not apply given that the regulation's scope includes third parties & visitors to the University.

    From my reading of the law if it applies to visitors then it is outside the exemptions presented inside of 2.2-4002 and should go through the standard regulatory process:
    (1) Notice of Intended Regulatory Action (NOIRA) is published with at least 30 days of comments;
    (2) Proposed regulation is published with at least 60 days of comment;
    (3) Final regulation is published with a 30 day waiting period before the regulation becomes valid.

    With all Universities claiming exemption for all regulations, even those applying to visitors, our legal system and legal abilities are being eroded. I'm also preparing a letter to send to RU conveying my disappointment in them and the lack of donations they'll be receiving from me even though I am alumni. I had hoped to see better from them.

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