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    Ok, I’m confused…GRNC’s website ( states how GRNC's evaluations are accurate and quote: GRNC does not inflate its election win ratios by favoring incumbents…A candidate gets what he or she earns: No more, no less. Unquote. Therefore, why the contradiction in discussing a candidate's position and subjectivity when GRNC flatly states their survey is objective??

    Specifically under different headings off GRNC's website shows just a couple discrepancies to what is stated above and truly stand out...
    1. District 8(R): Vote for ROBINSON , GRNC 4-Star (****) (Keadle is equally good, but Robinson's charisma makes him slightly more likely to beat …(Truly, how do you quantifiably put charisma on an objective survey?)

    2. District 9(R): Vote for PITTENGER , GRNC 4-Star (****): Do NOT vote for Pendergraph. Despite submitting a survey with a score of 95 (wait, so if someone has a higher survey score we are subjectively advised not vote for them?)

    3. District 13(R): Vote for HOLDING , GRNC 4-Star (****). It has come to GRNC’s attention that Republican candidate Paul Coble, in 1995 while on the Raleigh City Council,….(so there is a very long memory associated w/their objective survey?)

    4. NC State positions GRNC states: Vote for McCRORY , GRNC 4-Star (****). Although other candidates scored higher on GRNC surveys…. (Who were the ‘other candidates' who scored higher on GRNC’s infamous objective survey and why weren't they given the GRNC's blessing?)

    District 44(R): Vote for CARNEY , GRNC 4-Star (****). Ray might be a second choice, but in previous terms she dropped several votes and generally had to be pressured to vote with gun owners. (so what were their survey scores and who should everyone vote for then?)

    District 79(R): Vote for WHITEHEART , GRNC 4-Star (****). This is a case in which GRNC refuses to support a mediocre incumbent simply for incumbency. (doesn't this contradict GRNC supporting incumbent policy? and what was their survey score?)

    District 95(R): Vote for BRAWLEY , GRNC 4-Star (****). Despite a mediocre survey, Brawley racked up a 100% pro-gun voting record in previous terms of the NC House. (so...another candidate possibly had a higher survey score?)

    And Aprils list goes on with subjective comments about other candidates.

    interestingly, with the election a smidge under sixty days away, those initially given the GRNC's thumbs up might have won or (horrors) loss their primary and yet no guidance on who might have replaced those favored politicians are identified so the common ppl know who to bless with their vote come election day?


    ps: also wouldn't one expect to see some type of updates of candidates survey's based on the special session's failure to act on HB 111? just a thought
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